Grinding Services

Blanchard Grinding
Our Blanchard grinders have been an integral part of our offered services whether it be for machining castings, plate, weldments, or any metal able to be abrasive machined, we have a full complement of capabilities to meet your needs. We are able to grind work pieces with a swing distance of up to 72” to achieve a flat machined surface.

Cylindrical Grinding
We offer both ID and OD cylindrical grinding. Utilizing our state of the art machines we can safely grind work pieces up to 20” diameter and 72 “ long. Typically the materials that we grind can include carbon steels, hardened tool steels, non ferrous metals and many aerospace and exotic materials. FHP also provides the outside process of chrome plating and we grind to critical dimensions as well as achieving required finishes.

We also provide internal honing from .06” to 20” diameter, with a maximum length of 60”. This service allows for improved visual and micro measured surface textures from a cross-hatch pattern, to a near mirror finish, depending on material type, hardness etc.

Surface Grinding
We offer a full complement of surface grinding to achieve critical surface finishes, or for machining of heat treated materials. If desired, close tolerance flatness can also be obtained by surface grinding on most carbon steels. This operation, in conjunction with other processes such as hardening and tempering, can produce high quality surface characteristics to meet your most critical requirements. Our machines have a travel capacity of 30” x 10” using either magnetic or non-magnetic chucking. A maximum work piece height of 14” allows for a variation of set-up.
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